Frequently Asked Questions about Warehouse 23

  1. Are all these ads real?
    Actually, all of them are virtual.

  2. IS there really a Warehouse 23?
    If we tell you, you'll have to kill us. Or something like that.

  3. How do I submit something?
    Each time you open a box in the Warehouse, you'll be given the opportunity to submit an item. All submissions become our property. Ours, do you hear?! Mwaaaa-haaaa-haaa!

  4. Are these descriptions of real items?
    Actually, all of them are virtual. Whoops, did that one already. Sorry.

  5. What does FNORD mean?
    Oh, right, like we're going to put the truth in this FAQ file.

  6. Do your mothers know what you're up to?
    Don't they always? The Illuminati could learn a lot about surveillance from mothers.

  7. Is there someplace I can read all the Warehouse items as a text file?
    Not now, and probably not ever. The Warehouse 23 site was designed as a (pardon the expression) "experience," where you open one box at a time. We think that just listing them all would spoil the fun. We might put them in a book someday if we could think of a really great format.

  8. Can I collect these items and put them on my own web page?
    We would really rather you didn't. It would violate our "compilation copyright" on this collection. Not that we mind if you just drop one in your .sig file or something like that -- but please don't "borrow" them wholesale.

  9. Where did the original idea come from?
    As far as we know, the original inspiration came from the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark - you know, with the Ark of the Covenant being hidden among thousands of boxes in that warehouse.

  10. Can I use these items in my games?
    Feel free. That's why some of them include game stats.

  11. Can you tell me if an item I submitted was used in the warehouse?
    No. You're not cleared for that, and neither are we.

  12. Why do I sometimes see little blue sparks when I shake freshly cleaned sheets in the dark?
    The laundry detergent reacts with the alien implants in your brain to send false signals to your optic nerves. Don't worry about it.